22.2Barcelona Internet Tour. Tourism on the physical Internet infrastructure.           22.1Madrid Internet Tour, go around from one data center to another.         21Spiral Hotspot, sculptures with networks.      20Travel to my website, in the same way as a data packet.    19Show me a Ghost, image may contain: one or more people, tree, night and fire.      18Jafre 23/7, I did not cut Internet one hour in a small town in Catalonia.              17Also this website is Available 23 hours a day, 7 days a week.             16Auto Sleep, thanks you for your e-mail, I am sleeping.          1503:23, to 04:23           14Zero Insertion, photo collection, when the interface ‘breaks’.           13Concealment Algorithms, a book about an algorithm that covers books.        12Trolling Google Art Project.          12.1The Non-Imaginary Museum, photo collection, artworks has become blurred.   12.2The Phantom of the Mirror, photo collection, when the camera reflects in a mirror.      12.3Running through the museum, as quickly as possible.        11.Fog <Script>, a bot to generate demostrations in public places     10Actions in Between the..., I have not been non-rescued       9Not Found, a broken net art exhibition.       8Valledeloscaidos.org, the unofficial website        7Comments on the Screen City, video installation to ciber-flâneurs.         6Ministeriodecultura.org, four years minister of culture.         5Discourses for the End, a film with live cameras           4Telephone Conversations, hello... How are you? I am watching you!         3Streaming Acts, duplicate streams of images in real time.         2Modelcam, copying operation.          1This is a short kiss, Robert Doisneau captured by a web cam.


[a href="     "] , Sant Andreu Contemporani. Bcn. Curated by Pedro Torres

29 Nov — 14 Jun 2019

Group Exhibition
Internet Yami-Ichi. Tentacular Festival. Matadero, Madrid

24 Nov 2018

PRODUCE, PRODUCE, PRODUCE(D).  LOOP Festival, Reial Cercle Artístic, Bcn

12 Nov — 21 Nov 2018

Group Exhibition
Barcelona Internet Tour. The Influencers, CCCB, Barcelona

27 Oct 2019

15ª Mostra, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), A Coruña

25 Oct — 30 Dec 2018

Group Exhibition
Contra la represión y la censura. Espacio Tangente, Burgos

11 Nov — 14 Dec 2018

Group Exhibition
Research and development grant at the Hangar Interaction Lab, Barcelona

15 Oct — 15 Jan 2018

AFFAIR (Another Fucking Fair). Trama34. Gallery Wekeend Barcelona
29 Sep 2018

Art Fair
Apologies for the slow reply. La Solitaria #5. Trama34, Hospitalet

03 Sep 2018

Solo Show
Una Cierta Oscuridad. Puntos de Fuga. CaixaForum Barcelona

20 Jun — 5 Jan 2019

Group Exhibition
BIAM - Biennal d'Art Ciutat d'Amposta. Centre d’Art de les Terres de l’Ebre, Amposta

16 Jun — 29 Jul 2018

Group Exhibition
Can’t Speak for Itself  Curated by Julia Castelló and Ali A. Maderuelo. Casa Encendida

07 Jun — 16 Sep 2018

Group Exhibition
Meta Monumetal Market. Nogueras Blanchard/Trama34, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

02 Jun 2018

Premi Miquel Casablancas 2018. Fabra i Coats - Centre d'Art Contemporani, Barcelona
25 May — 15 Jul 2018
Group Exhibition
Madrid Internet Tour

17 Mar 2018

The Futch. Curated by Marta Echaves and Neme Arranz. Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid
15 Mar — 20 May 2018

Group Exhibition
6th Thessaloniki Biennale. Greece

27 Dec — 31 Dec 2017

Show me a ghost. Art3, Valence, France
22 Nov — 29 Nov 2017

Solo Exhibition
22º Coloquios de Cultura Visual Contemporánea. Fundación Mainel, Valencia

17 Nov 2017

Internet Yami-Ichi. The Influencers. CCCB, Barcelona
28 Oct 2017

Art3, Valence, France / Homessesion, Barcelona

01 Oct —  01 Dec 2017

Doppelgänger. Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona

05 Oct — 12 Nov 2017

Group Exhibition
Daydreaming subverts the world. Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, Netherlands

08 Sep — 05 Nov 2017

Group Exhibition
VIII Bienal de Jafre. Jafre, Girona

05 Aug — 06 Aug 2017

Group Exhibition
Infosphere. Cenart. Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico-City
26 May — 03 Sep 2017
Group Exhibition
Art and Aesthetics Research. La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Barcelona

22 Jun 2017

Roud Table
The Utopia of Access. Research Pavillion, in the context of 57th Venice Biennale, Italy

12 May 2017

No secrets! – Images of surveillance. Münchner Stadtmuseum, Deutschland

24 Mar — 16 Jul 2017

Group Exhibition
Eye Disorders. Espacio Zink. Sala Unamuno. Salamanca, Spain

17 Mar — 14 Apr 2017

Solo Exhibition
Cultura 17. Arte Post-Internet. Radio 3. Museo del Prado. Madrid, Spain

19 Apr 2017

Info: End2End Manifest. Lab. DONE2, Fotocolectania
13 Mar 2017
Art Madrid'17. Madrid, Spain

20 Feb 2017

Dual Club. Espacio Tangente. Burgos, Spain

13 Jan —14 Jan 2017

End2End Manifest. Online Lab. DONE2, Fotocolectania

17 Dec — 20 Dec 2016

El gran tour. Sant Andreu Contemporani. Bcn. Curated by Beatriz Escudero

24 Nov — 15 Jun 2017

Group Exhibition
Zero Insertion, Post-Photography Prototyping Prize. Fotomuseum Winterthur
13 Nov 2016

Grant Kablanc Otazu Foundation. Otazu, Navarra

2016 — 2017

Cibergeografías. CCELP. 9ª Bienal de Arte de La Paz

13 Oct 2016

Group Exhibition
Internet Yami-Ichi. Influencers. CCCB, Barcelona

22 Oct 2016

Finalist. P3: Post-Photography Prototyping Prize. Fotomuseum Winterthur

13 Nov 2016

Work: 03:23. Video Installation. The Conversation. Curated by Lauren Wetmore


Demo Night. 4S/EASST Conference. Hangar, Barcelona, Spain
03 Sep 2016

Watched! Surveillance, Art and Photography. Published by Walther König, Köln. Hasselblad Foundation, Valand Academy, Kunsthal Aarhus, Galleri Image, ARoS and C/O Berlin
27 Sep 2016    
Lend Me Your Softness. ArtCenter College of Design, California. Curated by Renan Laruan

21 Jul, 28 Jul, 04 Aug 2016
Desierto Magazine 4º. MONEY. Published by PAPER Architectural Histamine

Apr 2016

Cibergeografías. Centro Cultural de España de Montevideo, Uruguay.

31 May — 06 Aug 2016
Group Exhibition
Do you believe?. Fabra i Coats - Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona

27 May — 22 Jun 2016

Group Exhibition
Cibergeografías. Centro Cultural de España, Santiago de Chile. Curated by Gustavo Romano
07 Jun — 23 Jul 2016
Group Exhibition
Dis-Routing. Enrutamiento y deriva. Medialab-Prado, Madrid
09 May — 14 May 2016
Residency, workshop
Especies de Espacios. MACBA, Barcelona. Curated by Frederic Montornés
06 Jul — 24 Apr 2016
Group Exhibition
Exchange Hisk – Hangar – Sala d’Art Jove. Higher Institute for Fine Arts. Ghent, Belgium

04 Mar — 05 Apr 2016
Remote Signals. ARS Building, Tallinn, Estonia. Curated by Pau Waelder
14 Mar — 20 Mar 2016
Group Exhibition
Instagram. Nosotros. Internet es site-specific
12 Apr — 19 Apr 2016
Not found Exhibition. Harddiskmuseum

Group Exhibition
Lightning Studies. Curated by Renan Laru-an
11 Jan 2016

Infosphere. ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. Curated by Peter Weibel
04 Sep — 31 Jan 2016
Group Exhibition
Not Found, a broken net art exhibition. The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale
01 Nov — 31 Jan 2016

Les Encontres e-rregulars. Hangar, Barcelona

11 Dec 2015

Appunti, Inéditos 2015. La Casa Encendida, Madrid
19 Nov — 10 Jan 2016
Group Exhibition                      
The Conversation. Hangar, Barcelona. Curated by Lauren Wetmore

09 Dec 2015
Group Exhibition
Spielart Festival. Munich, Germany                                                                              

23 Oct — 7 Nov 2015

Lecture & Group Exhibition
15 planes terroristas. Sant Andreu Contemporani. Ágora Juan Andrés Benítez, Barcelona
09 Dec 2015
Dialog 3. Goethe-Institut Barcelona
02 Jul — 31 Oct 2015
Group Exhibition
Meta(data)morphosis. Or Gallery, Berlin.  Curator by Søren Rosenbak
29 Jul — 02 Aug 2015
Group Exhibition
De Profundis. Sesiones Polivalentes. Hangar, Barcelona
31 Jul 2015
Embarrat. With Azahara Cerezo. Museo Fábrica J.Trepat de Tàrrega, Lleida

26 Jun — 05 Jul 2015

Group Exhibition
Open Studios. Hangar.org. Barcelona 
14 Jun
Open Studios
Righted Museum in Printed Web #3. Offprint Projects, Tate Modern, London
22 — 25 May 2015
The Act & the tracer. Querungen, WKV Stuttgart, Germany
25 Mar — 24 May 2015
Group Exhibition

Mario Santamaría

Researcher in Hangar Interaction and Software Lab
, Instagram, Studio: Trama34, Barcelona